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The Leadership Journey: Becoming an Enlightened Leader (Part I)

Leaders need to go beyond knowing the answers to seeking the answers. How can I become a more effective leader? What steps can I take to enhance my leadership skills? Every thoughtful executive or manager should ask such questions regularly. In this article, we’ll offer some practical approaches to answering

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Project Leadership – Is It Different Than Functional Leadership?

It is interesting to view leadership of projects through the standard leadership lens and figure out if it is different (and perhaps more difficult) than leading in a functional organization. Leaders are used to functional organizations like sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, operations, finance, and human resource departments. Projects, by

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Setting Your Goals The SMART Way

For many, goal setting seems to be a waste of time. Why do we need to plan where we are going when we know where we want to end up? Just think about it. Would you ever embark on a cross-country car trip without laying out a map and marking

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Who I Am Makes a Difference

This is the time of year when “I sharpen my saw” as Stephen Covey says. This is the time to step back, reflect upon what is going on in our lives, and recommit to our life’s work. As leaders in our respective vocations, our followers often will take pot shots

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Just Do It!

I can just hear my readers now. Oh, you stole the Nike phrase; you’ll have a problem. Having the ethical values I do, I went to the Nike web site and explored throughout, looking for the phrase “Just Do It” with a copyright. Nope, but I did see a phrase

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“H” Humility – the Antithesis of Arrogance

This business environment is certainly teaching us the meaning of the word humility—the antonym of arrogance. How often do we see the quality of arrogance in our business leaders? Some might call this confidence. Being confident is a good quality, but being arrogant is not, particularly when you are leading

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Promoting Individual Growth and Independence…On Independence Day and Everyday

Managers are expected to ensure that employees complete tasks and reach corporate objectives. But, what about your employees’ personal growth and goals? Are you watching out for them as well? It’s easiest to support your employees when you view them as people and not merely as subordinates. Taking an interest

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Listening – Its Importance to Leadership

Every time I am in a meeting and my mind begins to wander, I have to kick myself to get back into the game. Sometimes, I also find myself filtering what is being said and applying my own belief system to what is being communicated. I know these are weaknesses

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“F” Family and Friends: Staying Balanced

In this uncertain economic environment, I find myself running faster and faster just to keep up. Do you feel that way? My days at the office get longer and longer and therefore the time at home—with family and friends—gets shorter and shorter. If you are anything like me, when you

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“E” Ethics: The Underpinnings of Leadership

Every time I pick up the business page of a newspaper, I read about another corporate ethical situation, albeit carried over form the heydays of the late 1990s. The latest one is the additional indictment of other individuals associated with Enron. While moving through my alphabet of topics, I couldn’t

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