What Other Executives are Saying…

We saw such impressive growth throughout the team in these three days, which would normally take years of experience. Our team learned about presentation development, persuasion, reading the audience, body language, negotiation and more. Videoing practice presentations were a particularly effective learning experience.

Phil is not only a good instructor; he also is a skillful facilitator. He creates a collaborative learning environment and brings real life examples with his rich experience. I have highly recommended that we consider Phil for any follow up communication and leadership coaching or training at our company.

Asaf Eldad
Director of North American Professional Services

Philip was a pleasure to work with and a perfect match for our program. His experience and knowledge provided living examples of leadership for our students.

Christine Gironard
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Your techniques for Building Your Company’s Foundation were just what our audience was looking for. Congratulations on receiving one of the show’s highest evaluation ratings.

Inc. Business Resources
Conference Group

The effect of your presentation (and the skill with which it was delivered) was to create in all of us a heightened awareness of these critical issues of management/leadership roles, and to give us a template which we may apply as we set about raising the level of our performances, as a group and as individuals, to meet the heightened challenges we are facing as we grow.

Steve Butler
CEO, Segue

Your comments and discussion were very well received. Students talked highly of the insights you provided about financing and IPO’s.

Harvard University Extension School

As an aspiring leader, I found Phil to be an invaluable resource in helping me take it to the next level. Both his personal experience in executive leadership and dedication to ongoing improvement of today’s leaders was the exact blend I was looking for. His coaching style was objective yet encouraging, helping me make the right and tough decisions.

Christine E. Lauzon
Sales Resource Group

Phil Holberton’s experience, wisdom and judgment have contributed substantively to me and to Genome Therapeutics’ performance. The discipline he brought to the project management of GTC has been superb… He is a real professional and a pleasure to work with.

Robert A. Hennessey
Chairman & Former CEO
Genome Therapeutics Corporation

Phil provided timely…support, guidance and tactical execution for financial and critical path issues for our new company…he was of great value in discussing broad, strategic and day-to-day issues.

John M. Carnuccio
President and CEO
BioSphere Medical, Inc.

Phil Holberton joined Barbour Stockwell’s Board of Directors at the board’s inception…He has proved to be a valuable resource. As a growing company, we have particularly appreciated his advice in strategizing as well as in the operational issues involved in managing projects and financing.

Kenneth Maillar
President and CEO
Barbour Stockwell Incorporated

Over the last several years as I have developed my career as a Life Sciences President and CEO, Phil has been instrumental in helping me focus on the necessary leadership skills and the strategies and tactics to be employed—and avoided— in building successful teams.

Richard D. Gill
Director, LaunchPad Ventures