What We Do

Successful companies have strong yet centered leaders. There’s no way around it. To be competitive, a company needs to build organizational capacity and increase profitability; companies demand excellence —every day—from its entire leadership team.

Phil Holberton delivers executive-level excellence. Serving as a business advisor or as an executive coach, Phil brings decision-making know-how, financial expertise, and over thirty years of executive management experience to your company.

His advisory work is based on practical strategies rather than overblown theory. All strategies are situational yet are grounded in theory. He uses proven business tactics to help you reach your corporate goals. Phil is a natural facilitator getting all stakeholders onto the same page.

Whether your company needs help with a specific problem, requires ongoing advisory services, or needs a veteran executive to coach members of your executive team, he can deliver the solution.

Don’t jeopardize success. Make sure your business leaders are the best they can be.

What an Executive Coach Can Do

Phil can guide your executive team to reach their highest potential by:

  • Building self-awareness
  • Providing experienced perspectives for business issues
  • Providing strategic guidance
  • Providing accountability
  • Providing transitional support
  • Strengthening individual and organizational performance

Executive Coaching Programs

Here are some examples of how Phil Holberton can guide your organization to the next level:

  • Facilitate corporate retreats
  • Outline objectives and develop strategic plans alongside executive team
  • Provide one-on-one executive coaching
  • Have the Executive join one of his peer advisory groups

We will create a coaching program specific to your organization’s needs.

Presentation Coaching

For over two decades, Phil has been a professional speaker and speaking coach. Often our clients start out with a PowerPoint® deck of material they would like to present. Little do they realize, this is more often than not going to end up a disaster.

Using a structured approach to presentation design, and the use of videotaping, clients move from beginner to polished presenter in a few short sessions. There is no greater leadership success than making a stellar presentation and communicating with your constituents in a professional way.

Vistage Peer Advisory Boards

If two heads are better than one, than 16 heads are better than two. With a Vistage Peer Advisory group you get just that—16 strategic, business-like minds who are there to help one another grow and succeed. It’s not business consulting; it’s an issue processing protocol designed to help you and your peers identify issues and dig deep to find solutions. At the centerpiece is a sacrosanct rule, “What’s discussed in the room, stays in the room.” This is true whether you are a public or private company.

Vistage members get results. It’s why they join Vistage and why they stay. In a survey measuring a four year period (2007-2012), Vistage member companies, on average, significantly surpassed the average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of U.S. companies as reported by Dun & Bradstreet. Vistage member companies achieved +11.6%; comparable companies showed +5.4%.

If you have an interest in joining a peer advisory group, inquire here.

Set the Tone for a Successful Career

Set the Tone for a Successful Career

Interested in maximizing your leadership potential? Phil Holberton offers a growing library of free resources to help you do so.


The 12-Step Journey Toward Enlightenment

Phil’s 12-step white paper detailing how to hone your skills, approach and vision in order to become a leader.

Your First 90 Days

Phil’s essay about the most important period of your employment: your first 90 days.

Phil Holberton’s Success Wheel

This is a graphical tool and simple exercise to help you take control of your life.

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