Meet Phil

Phil HolbertonPhil Holberton has more than three decades of experience in financial management, strategic planning, business development, operations, leadership development, and executive coaching for senior executives.In 1991, he began his entrepreneurial pursuits first serving as chief financial officer for a number of private and public companies including Cambridge NeuroScience, BioSepra, Genome Therapeutics, Protein Forest, and then was CEO of Differential Proteomics.

Prior to beginning his entrepreneurial pursuits in 1991, he was CFO of General Cinema Theatres and held financial management positions at Becton Dickinson including responsibility for all external reporting, annual report preparation and audit responsibilities. Mr. Holberton was the lead company representative for Becton’s $390 million exchangeable bond offering, the largest underwriting at that time in history. This was a milestone in corporate financings. With that experience he went on to raise more than $100 million in financings, both public and private.

Coaching and Advisory Services

Since 1996, he has enjoyed an additional practice of coaching and business advisory services that focuses on senior level coaching to individuals and organizations requiring business planning and leadership development. In 2012, he became affiliated with Vistage International and currently runs successful CEO Peer Advisory Boards.

Since 1997, Phil has had an academic appointment at Brandeis University (Organizational Leadership and Decision-Making; Professional Communications and IT Strategy: Organizational Strategy).

Philanthropically, he served as the vice chair of MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge’s Executive Board and was past president of the Financial Executives Institute’s Boston Chapter of 1,000 financial officers.

Holberton also served on the Board of Directors for Barbour Stockwell and is an Advisor to Bioarray Therapeutics and Maternova Inc. When time permits, he serves as the pitch coach to MassChallenge Accelerator’s companies.

Educational Background

Mr. Holberton holds an AB in liberal arts from Franklin and Marshall College.

He is a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership’s program for officer level executive leadership development as well Levinson Institutes’ On Leadership program. He also attained a Certificate from Harvard Business School for its program —Managing the IT Function. Mr. Holberton is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


Phil Holberton’s mission is simple:
To maximize you and your organization’s potential.

Potential is different for each of us—often we do not let the cover off of our capabilities. Through individual advisory, coaching and peer advisory boards, Phil will help you attain your peak. Phil approaches his work dealing with the whole person. It is not just about the business or the individual – they go together.

So goes the individual, so goes the business. We all aspire to grow.