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Executive-level excellence delivered. Phil serves as both a business advisor and an executive coach committed to providing the business and leadership skills needed to make successful companies and executives.

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Build Leadership Skills

Based on his consulting work on practical strategies rather than overblown theory, Phil employs proven business tactics to help you reach your corporate objectives.

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Communicate Better

Whether serving as an advisor or coaching executives, Phil successfully facilitates meetings and integral communications.

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Accelerate Performance

Phil helps other executives identify and achieve results, utilize sound business practices, and maximize their natural talents.

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Are You An Effective Leader?

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Phil Holberton delivers executive-level excellence. Phil brings decision-making prowess, financial expertise, and 20 years of executive management experience to your company. Phil is committed to providing the business and leadership skills that make successful companies and executives.

Phil Holberton


Phil Holberton’s experience, wisdom and judgment have contributed substantively to me and to Genome Therapeutics’ performance. The discipline he brought to the project management of GTC has been superb… He is a real professional and a pleasure to work with.

Robert A. Hennessey

Chairman & Former CEO
Genome Therapeutics Corporation

Critical to my very positive Vistage experience has been my interaction with Phil Holberton, our group chair. Phil has consistently pushed me to challenge myself as a business leader and has been a terrific sounding board for ideas that I was not yet comfortable sharing with my law partners.

Tom Durkin

Managing Partner
Gesmer Updegrove LLP

Over the last several years as I have developed my career as a Life Sciences President and CEO, Phil has been instrumental in helping me focus on the necessary leadership skills and the strategies and tactics to be employed—and avoided— in building successful teams.

Richard D. Gill

LaunchPad Ventures

Phil Holberton joined Barbour Stockwell’s Board of Directors at the board’s inception…He has proved to be a valuable resource. As a growing company, we have particularly appreciated his advice in strategizing as well as in the operational issues involved in managing projects and financing.

Kenneth Maillar

President and CEO
Barbour Stockwell Incorporated

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