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Coaching and mentoring have been part of the human experience for thousands of years. As a highly respected executive, coach and Chair of CEO Peer Advisory Boards, Phil Holberton guides others to levels of success that seem unattainable.

Today, organizations regularly look to external coaches to help employees and leaders achieve peak performance—the benefit of all. Individuals seek out coaches to help determine appropriate career paths, ways to grow their businesses, or map a new vision that will have the greatest impact on their life.

The Holberton Coaching Navigator emphasizes four coaching processes:





Trust is the foundation of all four processes—without it, progress cannot begin. Each process is designed to help the client, as employee or individual, find avenues for success. Before coaching begins, the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations are assessed jointly to understand the unique situation.

Trust: the Foundation of the Holberton Coaching Navigator…

Can I be honest with my coach and myself?

Trust is the foundation of all four processes; it is also the foundation for the relationship between the individual and Holberton, the coach. The individual feels comfortable divulging true feelings and aspirations. Simultaneously, the coach offers honest feedback and suggestions to fuel progress forthe journey.

With trust established, the process of discovering possible avenues for success is facilitated. Trust creates the environment that allows progress if setbacks occur.


Where do I go and how do I get there?

As owner or executive of a business, many of us face these questions – where do I go and how do I get there – at some point in our careers. Unlike grade school days with a predetermined sequence of events…fourth grade then fifth grade and so on…our path can be ambiguous and confusing.

Discovering how to navigate the path can seem overwhelming.

Listening closely to an individual’s objectives, Holberton challenges assumptions and asks questions that will result in a clearer path forward.

Personal values and style, as well as skills and strengths are identified. With such components recognized, Holberton and an individual can move forward on the client’s goals.

I’m not sure that will work. I tried that.

Holberton’s experience helps blend the client’s instinct and intellect to develop a clear path. With a challenge of assumptions and working carefully with the client, the path forward will emerge.

After the path is discovered, performance indicators are identified to track the client’s progress.

How do I do that? What if I don’t know where to begin?

As an experienced coach, Holberton is reassuring. A moderate challenge or a word of praise can assist a hesitant individual to take the next step toward an identified objective.

After determining the level of effort and risk compatible with an individual’s objectives, Holberton reinforces the positive results. He encourages and supports a client to stop inertia and restart momentum toward a client centered identified path.

Why is it hard to stay on plan? Why do I never reach my goals?

It is one thing to know intellectually where you are headed yet it is completely different making this happen. Often there are emotional blocks that impede our progress. Phil Holberton is a master at working with clients and identifying an accountability model that will work for them.

After all, the results of the coaching are to achieve your goals and be a more comfortable person in the process. Coaching is all about making life better and being more in balance. This graphic helps clients identify elements of their life, when in balance will yield the most contented individual and on their path to self-mastery.

Take Control and Advance Accordingly

It is very rare that an individual moves through their professional career with ease and steady progress. Most question interim decisions. Holberton supports clients by initiating self-evaluations and determining calculated risks based on the evaluation’s results.

In the end, the client must take control of his or her life and advance accordingly.

It is at these crossroads that encouragement and support are crucial. Often the backing of family and friends is the most important need. However, the objective and informed support of a coach can quickly propel an individual past obstacles that have historically impeded success.

With the four processes navigated with Holberton, the client is better positioned to map their way to their ultimate goals.

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