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From Resignation to Retention: Key Solutions for Keeping Your Best Employees

Group of diverse individuals gathered together to work and discuss. From Resignation to Retention.

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a leader, it can be disheartening to see talented and dedicated employees leave your company. There are many reasons why good employees may choose to move on, and it’s essential to address these retention issues in a way that shows empathy and leadership.

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Vistage Can Take Your Business to the Next Level: The Power of Peer Accountability

Vistage Can Help You Succeed: Unlocking Your Potential. Group of diverse professionals gathered together.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you heard of Vistage? It’s an organization that offers leadership training, coaching, and support to CEOs and business owners. They have over 45,000 members from around the world! Why should a business leader join a Vistage peer group? It’s more than just a social club – they’re all about

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Roadmap for New CEOs: Navigating Success and Avoiding Pitfalls

Roadmap for New CEOs. Man in suit extending his hand for a handshake.

Reading Time: 3 minutes For new CEOs, being appointed as the leader of a company is an exciting and challenging job. The first year can be particularly tough, as you’re faced with understanding your role, building relationships with key stakeholders, and managing a team. In working with new CEOs, I often hear them sharing

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Lessons in Leadership: What You Can Learn From Being a Grandparent

Grandparent. Phil Holbertson.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or just a mentor of young people, there are tremendous opportunities to learn from this experience that you may apply to your career in leadership.

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How You Can Spearhead Your Onboarding Process as a Leader

Onboarding Process

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a leader entering a role at a new company, did you know you have the power to influence your onboarding experience? While HR leads much of the onboarding process, when you take initiative to ask the right questions, get to know the right people, and set the right goals,

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The Future of Leadership: Maximizing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Leadership: Maximizing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 2 minutes Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become a buzzword in the business world. It is a disruptive technology that has the potential to transform various industries. It has already begun to revolutionize how leaders think about AI, make decisions, manage their teams, and interact with stakeholders.  If utilized effectively by competent

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From Rookie to Pro: How to Navigate Your First Management Role

Navigate Your First Management Role

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you recently been promoted to a leadership role? Congratulations, this is a significant accomplishment and a testament to your hard work, dedication, and leadership potential! However, as you step into this new role, you may find that it comes with its own set of challenges.  Here are the three

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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Success

Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes We are already halfway through the second month of the year and many of us are still filled with renewed motivation and inspiration. We make New Year’s resolutions with the intention of making positive changes in our lives to help us become better people, and in turn, better leaders. But

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The Importance of Resilience in Leadership


Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to leadership, it has been said that resilience—the ability to cope with and bounce back from situations that don’t go as planned—is one of the most vital qualities to have.  As a leader, you understand that there is only so much planning and organization you can do

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The Benefits of a 5-Year Vision

5-Year Vision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you have a vision of what your life will look like in 5 years? What about what your business or organization will look like? If you close your eyes and picture what you will be doing in the year 2027, what is it? Chances are, it looks a lot

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Set the Tone for a Successful Career

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