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There are thousands of books on how to create success for yourself, but most of them can trace their ancestry to a unique collaboration between two remarkable men:  Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie.   Carnegie arrived in American as a penniless Scottish immigrant in 1848 and not only created what became US Steel but laid the foundations for the modern steel industry and, therefore, the modern world.   Equally important, he established a system of philanthropy that has inspired many other successful business people to put their wealth to good use.  Few of the rich and famous of today, however successful,  will have such lasting influence.

Napoleon Hill invented the “success genre”  with his still popular book Think and Grow Rich, which grew out of a series of interviews that Carnegie granted to Hill.  Trying to create more success in your own life? Take a minute to review a summary of the working principles of the man who played an indispensable role in creating the world we live in

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