Have you seen Jim Collins’ 12 GREAT Questions?

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Jim Collins has become the pre-eminent management writer of our generation with such works as  Built to Last, Good to Great, How the Mighty Fall and Great by Choice.   In recent years,  has been increasingly queried by executives as to how they could efficiently use this impressive, but voluminous,  body of work with their  teams.

To that end, Collins has constructed  a guide to  help CEOs and C-Level employees facilitate what Collins calls “disciplined thought” in a logical sequence.   The guide is in the form of  Twelve Questions (courtesy of THE GOOD TO GREAT PROJECT LLC) that you can fashion into an ongoing cycle for managing your enterprise.    This is a great gift from someone who has contributed so much to the art of management over the past quarter century.

As leaders, our primary initiative is to challenge the status quo, work towards a better business, society, and world through improving our understanding and innovating along the way.  Quite a TALL order!

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