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Be Stoic Before Being Heroic

Heroes are people who choose the difficult when they don’t have to, including a difficult philosophy of life.   Start your day with a few observations from one of antiquity’s greatest CEOs, the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and another “thought leader” of that era, the philosopher Seneca .  Aurelius’  “Meditations” are fast becoming a guide… [Continue Reading]

From the Brink of Extinction to Winner: Are there Lessons for Your Company?

We celebrate comebacks, like so many other events, because they are rare.  These stories are valuable because, as John Henry Newman observed over 100 years ago, “history offers lessons, not rules.”   A turnaround for the times is a company that came back from the brink of oblivion to a level of success that includes a… [Continue Reading]

5 Habits of Highly Annoying Leaders

Many executives are constantly asking “how can I be better?” and “‘what can I do differently?”  As important as that question is, an equally important question is what should I stop doing?  Maybe a good place to start would be this article: Five Habits of Highly Annoying Leaders .  After reading this article, ask yourself, Am I a Leader?  

Are You a Member of the 8% Club?

Every year, I have good (no I mean great) intentions of achieving my goals for the ensuing year. I even print out my wheel of life (you can find this here) and take an inventory of where I am and where I need to invest some effort to improve my balance.  It takes work yet… [Continue Reading]

Knowing something does nothing…Doing something does

I was relaxing on my vacation last week and reading a book by Brene Brown – Daring Greatly.  It was a good read and I highly recommend it for those who want to grow their leadership skills. One of those ‘light goes off’ moments was when she discussed (as a leader), the difference between a business architect… [Continue Reading]