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Every year, I have good (no I mean great) intentions of achieving my goals for the ensuing year. I even print out my wheel of life (you can find this here) and take an inventory of where I am and where I need to invest some effort to improve my balance.  It takes work yet it gives me a thematic view of what to work on this new year.  That being said, my recent work based upon reading Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly it is one thing to architect the 2015 plan and the other important aspect is to travel the plan (do it).  I always have great intentions (am I alone?) – yet what can I/we do to improve the likelihood of achieving them?

According to one study, only 8% of New Year’s  Resolutions are kept.   Maybe the 92 % needed  better directions.   If you fear you’re not in the 8%,  print out this map….it may help you find your way to a achieved resolution!

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