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Phil Holberton

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It’s difficult to imagine how many of us would get through this COVID-19 work environment without access to tools like WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and most notably Zoom.

Zoom’s growth has created some security concerns. Still, Vistage Speaker and IT Security expert Mike Foster has put together a concise and thorough video and blog post offering a handy and straightforward checklist any user can use to keep Zoom meetings limited to those invited.

Not only will meetings be safer, taking time to work through this list will make your Zoom users who aren’t IT savvy much better acquainted with its (and reduce the need to call upon IT staff who are probably already busy!)

 Check out and share with your team Mike Foster’s video and post:   Zoom Security Settings-The Concise Details.

I wonder what developments in our work practices will sprout out of this COVID-19 sheltering in place.  I imagine many employees will want to stay home, saving all that gas money.  Will employers allow this to happen?

This is an open question about what changes will come about because of these new habits.

If you are a CEO, how do you go about deciding whether your company can move to a partial workweek at home?

Now ask yourself, Am I a Leader?


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