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The Drives of being an Optimal Leader

Today, in this COVID-19, an unusual era, I want to describe a few attributes of leadership that are more important now than ever.

I appreciate we all have basic intelligence so I will limit my commentary to EQ and AQ and AQ, is newer in its understanding.

Emotional Intelligence

Of the self-management pieces, Emotional self-control is the most likely to get whacked out of shape in this tough period.   Since this is all new to us – many of us are having difficulties processing the emotions that arise from the pandemic.  We are fearful and move ahead with trepidation. Yet on the other side of the coin, we can be optimistic because this too shall pass.

What are you struggling with during this period regarding emotional intelligence?

Adaptability Quotient

We need to be open-minded, more curious, resourceful, and resilient than ever before.

How many of us will lean into the wind and make BIG changes to our businesses or to our life?

Now ask yourself, Am I a Leader?



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