What’s next –  Conviction and Certainty (With Adaptability)

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It may be necessary for all leaders to step back, take a breath, and ask if your leadership is measuring. Dr. Travis Bradbury, the author of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” and “Seagull Management,” offers a brief leadership inventory that may help you assess yourself in two key areas that constitute much of leadershipCertainty (with Adaptability) and Conviction.   This short post by Dr. Bradbury,  How Great Leaders Confront a Crisis, offers a new checklist for these two key areas.

I want to add that having adaptability is just as crucial as Certainty. We have never been through a crisis of this magnitude, and our old mental models will not serve us well. 

Empty Your Cup – Empty Your Mind 

Many years ago, I did pastoral calling on homebound parishioners. We would empty our cup so we could be there for the individual in the time of spiritual need.

Today, in this business environment, we have to empty our minds to allow new approaches and ideas to come into our brains. We can not develop current paths forward with old thinking – we need to imagine outside the box with plenty of creativity.

How are you doing against this list?




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