The Post-Zoom World: What’s Next?

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You know a product has arrived when it becomes a verb.   We “Google” what we want to know;  now we “Zoom” to have an online meeting.

 Zoom was not the only videoconferencing technology before Corona arrived, but it quickly became the prevailing standard by solving a bunch of slight problems that competitors had not.   But like any technology, once it is ubiquitous and reliable it becomes part of the background; a given, like telephones and taken for granted.  In short, a commodity.

With that reality in mind, venture capitalist Benedict Evans offers a short but intriguing post on why this wonderful tool has done so well, and  — “What Comes after Zoom.”

When I read the McKinsey article —  “Ready Set Go – Reinventing the Organization for speed in the Post COVID-19 Era.” — they make a persuasive case to invest in technology and business processes; we, the corporate leaders will be the beneficiaries of these tools and changes if used proactively.  Maybe we will even be the companies that invent these tools.  

Now ask yourself — Am I a Leader?


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