The New Minority

Phil Holberton

Phil Holberton

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Do you know what will happen in less than a year?  A minority will become the majority.  2020 will be the year the Millennials become a majority of the population and not long after, a majority of your employees, customers, suppliers competitors, and vendors.

Boomers will now be the minority and Millennial dominance will only increase as Boomers retire and die while the Millennials numbers hold relatively constant.   Boomers will soon find Millennials in charge of important aspects of their lives.

Because of these changes, how you run your business will change rapidly in the next five years.  according to the national speaker and futurist David Houle who offers a great one page summary of what C-Level leaders should know about the greatest generational change in history that is just months away.

If you are a CEO, have you considered what impact this will have on your business?

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