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Microsoft paid $26 Billion for LinkedIn.  The following will help C-Level execs understand why.  Many CEOs and direct reports have a personal or company page on this site but know little about the power that LinkedIn offers them, so they don’t challenge their teams to use it to its fullest.   This short article from Intero Advisor, a LinkedIn consulting firm, “LinkedIn, The Numbers and Opportunities Don’t Lie”  help C-Level execs gain a better sense of this remarkable resource in other areas of their businesses.

As the founder of Intero writes:  “It’s become a place for CEOs, thought leaders, ….It’s become a platform filled with insight that informs people, businesses, and decisions. If you have tip-toed or played from the sidelines,….It’s hard to calculate the misses since you may not realize the opportunity.”  This article points to other articles and resources you may wish to forward to your teams for follow up.

If you want the shorter version, this informative graphic, “Rise of the New LinkedIn shares the 50,000 foot aspects of LinkedIn of which you may be unaware. A competency on LinkedIn is becoming as necessary in business as having an accounting system. If you’re a C-Level exec, you don’t have to be a LinkedIn expert; you just have to realize that someone on your team had better be.

Who in YOUR company owns the LinkedIn competency?

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