The Algebra of Happiness

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Academics and Business people need each other but often see the world very differently.   Dr. Scott Galloway at the Stern School at NYU who is also a startup veteran, and public company board member has lived in both worlds and built an impressive reputation for astute analysis, commentary, and remarkable presentation skills.

He has a new book,  The Algebra of Happiness, in which he distills the lessons of his varied experience into a compelling and entertaining read.  In particular, he has some great advice for college students.  If you want an overview of this 10-minute video recap by Galloway of his book is compelling.  If you like the appetizer, this 80-minute interview/discussion with Galloway at the NYU Campus with students is excellent.    It’s a wonderful blend of experience, wisdom and humor that deserves the time it demands. (Read the comments section if you don’t believe me).

Take a look and if you agree, share it with young people you care about. Great advice from a great teacher, experienced entrepreneur and talented storyteller.

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