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Every business has a strategy, whether intentionally chosen or not.  If you are not sure what your strategy is, it may help to know what “strategy”  really means.

Strategy is a word that many of us use but perhaps without a clear definition of it.   To remedy this, check out a short blog posting from a highly recommended blog “Bill Barnett on Strategy.”    Dr. Barnett teaches strategy at Stanford Graduate Business School and has just shared a great overview of the real meaning of strategy.

Spend a few minutes understanding, “What is Strategy?”   Share with your team and you may be on your way to truly understanding what your strategy is, or could be. 

Now ask yourself, Am I a Leader?

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Thank you for your interest in my free essay, "Your First 90 Days." As a new manager/leader, you have your work cut out for you. But please slow down and be strategic. Many careers have sidetracked during the first 90 to 180 days in a new job because the entry was too fast.

Don't let your title dictate your strategy. Rather, consider my seven steps you can take to smooth your transition.

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