Second Order Consequences and the C-Suite

Being a C-Level Executive means having a point of view about the future.  Many executives limit their thinking about the future to the initial impact of a particular change but don’t think about what happens after that. Business (and life) is often like a row of dominoes:  we push one over and that in turn pushes over many others that would have remained upright but for the first one falling, often with even more significant consequences.

Most everyone knows that the electric car and autonomous (driverless) vehicles promise to be real game changers for the automotive business in the years ahead.  But the impact will not be limited to batteries and cars.   This article on Cars and Second Order Consequences will help you explore the impact of the two developments mentioned above well beyond the arena of transportation.

Will your industry be a casualty, or a beneficiary, of these changes? This article may give you a new process for thinking about the longer term impact of the specific challenges you may be facing.

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