Recursive Commercials (or how to recycle your marketing spend)

A department store CEO once remarked that half his advertising was effective; he just wasn’t sure which half.  The advertising team behind a long series of memorable Geico Insurance commercials over the years may not be sure either, but they’ve launched a creative initiative to ensure they’re getting all the mileage they can out of several decades of advertising spend.

In short, Geico has created a commercial about their commercials  which directs viewers to a site featuring a retrospective viewing of the “best of Geico”  including the “Geico Caveman”, the talking camel “hump day” skit, the spy taking a call from his mom during a running gun battle, and of course, the Geico Gecko. Those visiting the site are then asked to vote for their favorites and register to win a chance to appear in a Geico commercial.

Repetition, reach, fun and engagement;  these are qualities of great advertising. Check out the “Best of Geico” site; have a little fun, and consider how much of your own past marketing investments could still yield some dividends…. if creatively resurrected.

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