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A poison pill  is a tactic used by a publicly held company threatened with an unwelcome takeover bid to make itself unattractive to the bidder. Beach obstacles are intended to slow down an invading force. Nationally known IT Security Expert and speaker Mike Foster thinks you should be presenting a wide variety of both to those who would attempt  an invasion of your company through your IT system and keep you  safe not only from  anonymous hackers,  but your own competitors, vendors, customers ,disgruntled former employees, etc.

There is  no single foolproof safeguard to protect your systems  (ask JP Morgan, Home Depot and Target) , but Foster suggests a combination of simple and easy to implement  “poison pills” and “obstacle courses”  that will make hacking your system beyond the capability of the average  hacker and/or not worth the time and trouble of the best ones.   Given the number of your company’s devices that are not on premises makes this doubly important.  The key according to Foster is to get EVERYONE in  your company, especially the remote users, onto the IT security team.    To that end, he has provided the attached list of IT safeguards;  the first three pages are actionable by your entire team.  The last page of tactics requires the involvement of your IT professional.   He suggests you share it with your IT/Risk Management directors….and you might track how many of these tactics  you’re not using.   (Thanks to Mike Foster for this valuable checklist.   There’s a lot more for your executive team at his website  https://www.fosterinstitute.com/it-concerns/ )

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