Peer Relationships in The Workplace

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Peer Relationships in The Workplace
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Why are peer relationships so critical in the workplace from a managerial perspective? 


Trust will help you get your work done. 

When you take the time to get to know the people in your company personally, you can ultimately establish this trust. This trust will act like the glue that holds the organization together during challenging situations.

However, forming these relationships can be tricky. 

You can and should do things when building trusting relationships between yourself and your peers. How you approach these relationships can make or break that trust.

The Dos and Don’ts of Peer Relationship Building

1. DON’T: Tackle the most challenging problem first. Start with a few easy wins before you go for the most extensive and thorniest problems. Tackling the lowest-hanging fruit first will give the organization time to accept you as a peer.

2. DO: Let them know what you can do for them

3. DON’T: Be a controller. It’s important to remember that it’s not all about you—it’s about them. A good way to erode peer relationships is to enter an organization and point out that everything someone is doing is wrong. You are there to help your peers improve operational efficiency and organizational priorities through sound leadership.

I always say that God gave us two ears and one mouth, which we need to use in that proportion. Take some time, listen to what is happening, and listen to the people within the organization, then try to help them instead of just trying to fix them.

What have you found most effective when building a trusting relationship with your peers within an organization? And what have you found does not work?

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