Moving from Fixed to Growth Mindset: The Key to Our Happiness

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

When we have a fixed mindset, we have a set way about ourselves. We are what we are because of our upbringing, plus our experiences along the way. If we have had weak role models, we will have bad habits, likely leading to fixed mindsets.

We base our makeup today upon the path we have taken to get where we are. If we scored high in a fixed mindset, we restrained our way, and we have less self-confidence in embracing our future.

I am here to tell you. You can break free of these ankle shackles. It will take work, yet it will be the best investment you ever make—trust me, I did it myself. After a series of self-confidence slips, I have retrained my brain to move from a negative mindset to a positive attitude.

Do you like confrontation? I don’t unless I am in a Sage emotional state. I am an avoider at all levels of bringing awful news unless I say it with the attitude, “I told you so.” This characteristic speaks volumes to wanting to be right—I guess I believed my mom; she said you would never amount to anything. Talk about bringing the best out in someone!

According to Ryan Gottfredson, 64% of the population depends on others, 35% of the population has a mind of their own, and only 1% of the population is interdependent (collaborator).

Which category are you in, and do you have the interest, GRIT, or desire to proceed to the next level?

The qualities of the 1% are, according to Dr. Gottfredson.

#1 Desire to learn and grow.
#2 Desire to find the truth and think optimally.
#3 Desire to reach challenging and extraordinary goals—Think Elon Musk or Bill Gates
#4 Desire to lift others—Think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jack Canfield, Gary Ridge

For those who would like to learn more about Mindsets and how they can influence your leadership effectiveness, reach out to me, and we will have a conversation. I will sponsor a FREE course in my Positive Intelligence journey to link your Mindsets to behavior change.

Exceptional results are waiting for you when you take that first step, a desire to grow and change.  I will wait for your call.

Now ask yourself—are you a future leader?


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