Mark Cuban: Moving from Bartender to Titan

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Mark Cuban is best known as the founder of Broadcast.Com, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a regular on “Shark Tank.”   What you may not know is that after graduating from college he launched his tech career by becoming…. a bartender.   Check out this summary of the rest of his story; specifically  how he, with no tech background, succeeded in that world by doing one thing that ALL of us can do in any area we want to succeed in.  Pass on what Cuban calls  “the most important lesson from his 20’s” to your team and the young people in your life.

Each of us have a unique contribution to make in this world and often we are our biggest enemy – not breaking through to the other side and contributing our gifts.  First we need to know our passion and secondly we need to focus in the moment and preserver through all the ups and downs.  Do you have that tenacious spirit to keep moving forward?

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