Managing Me Under COVID-19

Phil Holberton

Phil Holberton

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The most important person we ever manage is ourselves.  This is true in normal times but even more important now when fear and uncertainty impair the ability of many to do so.   You can’t lead those around you until you’re managing yourself.

Fortunately, our Vistage community is not short of resources in this regard.  Take some time for yourself before you face another week and absorb what these veteran Vistage speakers have to offer for “managing me.”

Vistage Speaker of the year Dean Minuto is famous for presentations on the psychology of influence and how the brain works.  Dean is offering several videos targeted to your needs that are well worth your time.

Dean interviews another Vistage Speaker of the Year, Dr. Bill Crawford,  in a video summarizing techniques from his book “Life from the Top of the Mind”  you’ll learn what’s happening to your brain under stress and the conscious choices you can makto direct your brain to serve you.

Then, check out Dean’s own video  Starting Different in Disruption: Top 5 Brain Shortcuts.    Finally, the art of persuasion is important at all times, so have your team check out Dean’s website for great video tips for more on something we all want.  

Vistage Speaker of the Year Eve Meceda’s  The Hero’s Journey and Taming the Wolves In Our Heads featured in the last two issues had a big impact in the Vistage community.   This week she offers “Everyday Heroes” and “Conquering the New Normal.”

After you’ve watched these, share them with your family and team members who may need some “managing me” resources right now.

Share on social media so we can help many individuals around the world.

Ask yourself, am I a Leader in these unprecedented times?


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