It’s Lonely at the Top; It’s also Lonely at the Bottom

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In one of his plays “Henry IV”, Shakespeare observed, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”  One of the most common descriptions of the leader’s life is that  “It’s Lonely at the Top.”  Fred Crawford, former CEO of global consulting firm Alix penned a letter to CEOs in Chief Executive magazine outlining the dangers of, as he puts it, “leading in a vacuum”, (i.e. without good advisors).     In a short article, he offers five options to make life at the top, less lonely, and less dangerous. for those accountable for the fate of the enterprise.

Many of the most important business decisions can only be made once. Rarely are there “Mulligans” (do-overs) in business.    CEO’s who fail to get the decision-making edge that Mr. Crawford urges risk finding out that life at the BOTTOM is even more lonely than life at the TOP.    

Please contact me if you’d like to meet some CEOs who have already heeded Mr. Crawford’s advice.

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