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Searching for Recession:  ITR Economics is well known for their use of leading indicators.  They’ve even devised a new one and it is that is truly remarkable!  One of ITR ’s young economists wondered if the frequency of the word “recession” as a search term on Google might have any predictive power.  It turns out that it does, providing a 16 month lead time to an important economic metric.  Check out ITR CEO Brian Beaulieu’s recent blog post for happens when “Search” Becomes a Leading Economic Indicator” and what it portends in the near term for your business.

Three Things to NOT  Worry About?:    The day before the Elections this past week, economist Brian Wesbury shared a Wesbury 101 video in which he pointed out many business people are worried about China (i.e. tariffs), Elections and the Stock Market.   Dr. Wesbury isn’t worried about any of them.   Find out why by clicking here.

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