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The wonderful film  “Driving Miss Daisy”  portrayed an aging wealthy widow who could afford to hire a chauffeur to drive her when she no longer could. The driverless car touted by Google and others will make it possible for all of us to have chauffeurs when we no longer can (or should) be behind the wheel.

But we really haven’t heard the whole story regarding the  economic impact of this development.   Some say what’s coming will be equivalent to the introduction of the automobile itself.   A one page article in Forbes does a great job of laying out the economic benefits of a  completely  “hands free” driving experience. The starting point for estimating the windfall awaiting us is this is the value of your own life.  Find out how much the government thinks you’re  worth and how that figures into the Massive Benefits of Self Driving Cars.    A related article about the obstacles to be overcome to make this a realty is worth your time as well  as it describes how change often happens, and shares an example or two that will show you we’ve been down this path before.

As science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once remarked,  “Technological advances are greatly overestimated in the short run; and greatly underestimated in the long run.”    Get ready for the long run; it may be here soon. How will the driverless car effect your life, and your business?

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