Different Boats, Same Storm

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Many say we’ll soon return to the way things were previously; others say that we’ll be living in a world changed not only in degree but in kind. If past crises (the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918, World War II, the Great Depression) are any guide, the truth will probably settle someplace in the middle. 

Changes already in motion speed up; responses unique to the circumstances appear overnight and, if helpful, will persist. Much will stay the same, and much of what we are uncovering will become a new normal.

 WSJ columnist and Reagan Speech Write Peggy Noonan asks, “ What Comes After the Coronavirus Storm?….”  and begins her insightful commentary with another writer’s recent observation: “We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm….”   

 As Leaders, we need to have AQ – Adaptability Quotient. Just think about it, information rushing towards, and we need to decide every day what to do next. This crisis puts our ability to make decisions to a test, can we make them swiftly enough?

As Leaders of our organization, we are responsible for many individuals, and it is time to put on our empathy hat – beefing up our communications and lead from the heart. As Brene Brown would say, we need to show vulnerability and have courage.

Now ask yourself, Am I a Leader…?


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