Another Lost Art: Political Leadership

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The price we pay for technology is that certain art forms go by the wayside.   Email and telephones virtually wiped out letter writing; keyboards made the cursive writing most of us learned a thing of the past.

Former assistant director of the CIA looks at another lost art:  political leadership.   In a one page article, Meyer (who at great career risk predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in 1980) looks at the level of civic discourse in our nation, once one of its greatest strengths and find precious little of it in our republic.

Spend a few moments with a great American and take in his analysis of the Lost Art of Political Persuasion and the implication for the country.  Both sides of the political spectrum are taken to task by Mr. Meyer for their abandonment or abuse of one of our society’s greatest gifts.    (Check out Herb’s website  if interested in learning more about him.)

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