America’s First Best, (and Last?) Job

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If you needed evidence that the economy is at full employment, check this out.  For over a generation,  the fast food industry has been the gateway to first time employment for many teenagers.   McDonald’s is currently running commercials proudly reminding us:  “McDonald’s:  America’s first best job”  hoping to lure Millennials and Gen Z.

The chains, however, are hedging their employment bets by reaching out to the other end of the age spectrum as well.   If successful,  McDonald’s might well change this tagline to “America’s best last Job.”  The chains are appealing to the graying Boomer cohort to fill the staffing gap by aggressively recruiting them through non-traditional channels like the AARP website, senior centers, and churches.  This is really significant.   A short article and video from Bloomberg offers additional info that may lead you to reconsider your hiring profile.

Another interesting employment metric may bode well for the economy: the number of people quitting jobs. Check out the short article and video to understand why.

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