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In the Middle Ages, Alchemists labored mightily, but in vain, to turn lead into gold.  One Vistage member, speaker and author suggests that CEOs can be modern-day alchemists and achieve a transformation that yields even more value; turning employers into owners.

Scot Hunsaker is a ten year plus Vistage member and award-winning 2016 Vistage Breakout Speaker who bought a small engineering firm from his father, grew it ten-fold and sold it for cash to his employees. As important as the sale was to him, equally important is that the company continues to thrive years after his departure.

In his new book, Heroic Leadership, Scot shares a first-person account of this story and offers valuable lessons for other business owners looking to do the same.

But first, you might wish to listen to an interview of Scot by Vistage Speaker Andrea Simon on her podcast series in which he shares the “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” lessons of one of the most important things a business owner will ever do.  This short video recap of his presentation is also worthwhile…and motivating.

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