A World For Rent (Days of Disruption No. 13)

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You are no doubt aware of the disruption caused by recent startups like Uber and Zipcar which provide rides and autos on demand, eliminating the need to own a car.  In an interconnected economy, this trend should not be ignored by anyone.   Futurist and Speaker David Houle in a recent blog post concisely summarizes the move from owning to renting and explores the disruption this may cause.  Take a minute and get current on this important phenomenon.  If you want to explore this further, check out blogger Benedict Evan ’s analysis of potential second-order effects of the change in the auto business.  Evans works at Mark Andreessen’s (founder of early browser Netscape) VC Firm.   This may help you analyze how the rental phenomenon will impact your business whether tied to autos directly or not.

And speaking of disruption, here are five reasons from Forbes why the beleaguered department store business model is far from dead.

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