A New World and a Different World – Leading in the COVID Era.

Phil Holberton

Phil Holberton

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I have likened the COVID pandemic to a war. It’s an unconventional war given that we can’t “see” the enemy and one of our best weapons is to not engage with it  (i.e. social distancing, masks, lockdowns’ etc.) but to “starve it to death.”

But in any war, a leader has to not only cope with the enemy but lead his or her troops. If this is a war, then maybe some lessons from military history will be instructive.  This short blog posting from HBR suggests that C-Level executives “Look to Military History for Lessons in Crisis Leadership.”

“This is the time for leaders to step up – and by that I mean they need to be adaptable, eliminating from their mindsets the mental models that got themselves here.”

Whether in war or in business, leadership starts at the top and every great military commander or CEO inspires their troops.  Also, strategic thinking is an important attribute for every leader.  Getting to the other side of COVID will not be easy.  It will take very hard work.

Now ask yourself, Am I an Outstanding Leader?





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