A Dearth of Depth

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Where have all the leaders gone? Or at the very least, where are they going? The quest for experienced and effective leadership is getting harder… and it is not only the executive search and placement companies taking notice. Companies of all sizes are increasingly finding it difficult to successfully fill their vacant Board and C-Level positions, including the all-important CEO seat. The ‘officer-ready’ talent pool is evaporating.

All the hand-wringing about managing Millennials today may have missed a more important trend; namely that the much larger size of the older Baby Boomer cohort means a much small leadership pool for companies of all sizes to draw from when the Boomers want to retire.

If you’re a Boomer, you may have to hang around until the Millennials are ready to lead or there are enough for you to finally head for the beach.

Learn a little more about the “evaporating pool of officer ready talent”.

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