“70 over 70”

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Many aging boomers are looking forward to retirement so they can, “ check out”.   Not Paul Tasner.  A few days before Christmas in 2007 at the age of 64, Mr. Tasner was called into a meeting and fired as director of operations for a company where he had worked for years.   At that age, he might have said, “Oh well, I’m close to retirement anyway.”

Instead, he became an entrepreneur and launched a company that is growing geometrically, earning widespread recognition and making a real impact.  In a seven-minute TED talk, he shares his story and the remarkable finding by a British research firm that companies launched by entrepreneurs over 70 years of age have a 70 % success rate, much better than those started by those under 30.  

If you’re a boomer, maybe you should consider “checking in” to a new venture instead of  “checking out?”

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