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Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill Explain It All For Us!

There are thousands of books on how to create success for yourself, but most of them can trace their ancestry to a unique collaboration between two remarkable men:  Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie.   Carnegie arrived in American as a penniless Scottish immigrant in 1848 and not only created what became US Steel but laid the… [Continue Reading]

Five Lessons From Marissa Mayer

There are many articles on Marissa Mayer who has taken on the remarkable task of trying to make sense of what business Yahoo is in and what its future might be.   Whatever the outcome, you have to admire the career she’s had so far.  One business writer has recapped her journey to day and shares  “5… [Continue Reading]

From Leather to Electronics – What Can We Learn from Radio Shack?

Most people alive today would have trouble remembering when there wasn’t a local Radio Shack store.  For  years, it was synonymous with things electronic.  This past week it filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with most if of its brick and mortar assets probably destined to be resurrected as Sprint Stores.    Founder Charles Tandy began with… [Continue Reading]

Chicken Soup and The Rule of Five for Your Success

Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen became famous (and rich) as the authors of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”   Writing a great book is one thing….getting others to think it might be (and to buy it) is quite another.   They solved their promotional dilemma  by adopting what they call the “Rule of Five”… based on an… [Continue Reading]

Who is the Father of Management: Drucker or Caesar?

The late Peter Drucker was often referred to as “the man who invented management.”  While Drucker’s contribution to the canon of management is legendary, he certainly was not the first to comment on or grapple with the art and science of managing subordinates. Jerry Toner, a professor of classical studies at Cambridge University has penned… [Continue Reading]