Archives for December 2011

The Boston Archdiocese: When the New Leader Takes Charge

Like most people who reside in the greater Boston community, I have been following closely the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal and the increasing legal and leadership pain that the church faces. Because of the human drama involved and my interest in leadership, I can’t help but be drawn into the adversity that surrounds the… [Continue Reading]

Trent Lott: A Leader’s Misstep

Senator Trent Lott, majority leader of the United States Senate had a misstep with words that could—or should—cost him his job. He referred to Senator Strom Thurman’s candidacy for President of the United States in 1948 (one that supported segregationist policies) as being good for the country. At that time, segregation was part of the… [Continue Reading]

Change Leadership

One of the most complicated areas of leadership is the skill required to truly produce change. The need for change often comes about because of a crisis and frequently the focal point is on financial performance. Major change may be caused by a sustained competitive attack, the integration of two organizations after a merger, or… [Continue Reading]